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Hot water from the sun - Fothermo boilers and heaters

Hot water from the sun - Fothermo boilers and heaters

Hybrid water heaters

Fothermo 30 and 80-litre hybrid water heaters are equipped with two heaters, one 550 W using energy from photovoltaic panels on sunny days, while the other, powered from a 230 V AC outlet (1.5 kW), switches on automatically in bad weather.

The Fothermo hybrid boiler produces free hot water for years and is an excellent alternative to traditional electric water heaters.


200-300L photovoltaic floor-standing boilers

The 200 and 300 litre standing 'photovoltaic' boilers provide hot water economically without generating CO2. The boilers are equipped with 1650W heaters powered by MPPT controllers connected to up to 3 photovoltaic circuits. An additional heat exchanger allows connection to an existing gas, oil or pellet heating system.


Photovoltaic heating element

The photovoltaic heater makes it possible to retrofit existing hot water buffer tanks. The PV heating rod is screwed into the standard 1.5" thread of the tank so that the tank becomes a photovoltaic boiler heated by free energy from the sun.

Switching device

The switching device enables excess electricity to be fed back into the grid after the water in the boiler has heated up. The energy is returned to the grid via a plug & play micro inverter. With this simple device, every household can save several thousand zloty a year in additional electricity costs.


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